an update

7 08 2012

 after many many years of stagnation and careful thought. I have decided to let this blog go, and not come to this decision lightly and is since it is not completely gone away. I am simply moving it to a different location and try to focus on different things as my wife over the years has changed a great deal to that end this is goodbye for now thank you to all those who followed this blog with any sort of interest I greatly appreciate



Random Thoughts for April 8, 2009

8 04 2009

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These some random thoughts that happen from time to time. Just so I can get stuff out of my head.

Man this is difficult to write a blog. When you have so much time and so little to do. That’s how I feel right now. I’ve had  broadband access from AT&T for well over a month now. And while I thoroughly enjoy the freedom it provides me. I’ve come to realize that there is a downside to it, a psychological and physical down side. I’ve been keeping some crazy hours lately and it’s catching up with me, along with that. I’ve been trying to update my blog on a regular basis. Unfortunately I’ve been suffering from severe writers and creative block for several years. And I can’t seem to figure out why many of my hobbies and aspirations have fallen by the wayside. Mostly because of distraction in my estimation, whether to be things on the Internet, which are new and exciting video, audio, you name it always felt like this medium would give me a voice. Or I could stand out in a crowd always thought I had something to say. But sometimes I wonder you are really have anything to say at all? Will this blog ever be anything more than just another face the crowd. Time will tell. It is my sincere hope that I will have something to say. And then I will be encouraged to never stop.

Just a thought for the day. Thank you

Don’t Mess With The G. E. O.

2 03 2009

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Hello Kiddies

Things have certainly been interesting the last couple of months since my last post things have gone very different for me. And they certainly will, by the end of this week after months of whining and complaining to AT&T. I am finally getting broadband access in my house for a geek like me. It essentially means that I have to stop myself every day from doing cart wheels in the front yard in sheer excitement.

Not only that, but also in getting a new computer and desktop sheen broadband access will allow me to experiment more with different ideas and things that I couldn’t before. I’ll finally be old to almost certainly move full-time into the use of Linux, which have been playing with a my laptop for the last several months I’ve been using Ubuntu and I found the experience to be quite enjoyable. So much so that if it weren’t for program like Dragon. I would spend all my time in Linux.

To top it all off, my buddy bug is coming down for the weekend help me set up my DSL. I’m excited to see my friend again, because it is rare that we get to hang out together. I’m looking forward to seeing the watchmen as well and has some very ambitious plans for my blog because of these new developments.

You might be wondering how I got DSL. It’s actually quite interesting. I’ve been calling AT&T, which is the only provider other than satellite is available in my area off a home for the past seven years and just recently, purely out of frustration and facilitated by the fact that my neighbor three houses down from me, acquired it. I became what I can like to call a guerrilla campaign to acquire ISP. This was done, but I calling. Literally every single day, the AT&T main offices and asking if I could have broadband access. You wouldn’t believe the stories I got from the customer service reps who obviously know nothing of them, what is printed on their screen and will defend their lack of knowledge to the death and how dare you tell them otherwise. Because if it’s not on their screen. They don’t know anything about it, which is my contention that they obviously don’t know any. This continued for several weeks, until one day I happened to get someone in the state, where AT&T’s headquarters supposedly locate Atlanta, Georgia. She informed me in no uncertain terms that calling every day petitions, and so on would not do me any good. And that I was wasting my time, and as much as they wanted me to have DSL. They just couldn’t give it to me. This infuriated me to the point that when she passed me off to the DSL Corp.. Not wanting to deal with me. The lady who answered the phone got an earful. She apologized profusely to me, assuring me that what she would do everything in her power to make sure that I got what I wanted, including talking to her boss. Near as I can figure somebody upstairs was listening, because the next day. When I’m caught when I did my usual call. I was not only told that hide it was available, but I can also get the highest speed for cheaper than I expected.

This just goes to show you, if you’re persistent and you don’t give up on what you want and you beat down someone’s door. Eventually they have to listen to any it doesn’t say much for AT&T’s customer service. But then again, when has their service ever been up to anyone’s par phone companies generally treat you like a number and AT&T being the biggest one is certainly no exception.

So what does this and tell from a blog you might ask. Long going to attempt to try some different things. Hope everyone will tune in to see what develops. I’m going to try to post video and berries are articles about topics that are of interest to me. And I hope others. So in closing I would like to just let everyone know they stay tuned, because it’s going to get interesting